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Writing down accomplishments is something I don’t do every day, but I write at least twice a week.

I prefer to type my accomplishments in Word files called “personal logs”. (Some write their journals in longhand in paper journals, but for now I write meeting notes on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil.) These personal logs don’t just include lists of everything I’ve finished. I write about what I need to do next. And I write about how I’m feeling about what’s happening as well as my strategies for overcoming challenges.

Writing down accomplishments is easier for me to type than to write on an iPad.

I have my own reasons for writing down accomplishments. I’m sick and I need to remind myself that I can get things done, which makes me feel good. I also write before bed to order my brain and prepare for the next day. I find that when I don’t write when I should, I have a harder time sleeping. And my body gives me enough trouble when I try to go to sleep.

Writing in my personal log also gives me a legacy. When I leave this Earth, others will be able to read about what I did, what my life was like, and connect with me more deeply.

Those are my reasons why I write. Why do you write — or not?