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Memento mori is a Latin phrase that means “remember you must die.”

This first blog post of 2023 was published on January 3. According to my Grandiloquent Word of the Day 2023 calendar, today is Memento Mori Day.

That reminder and the arrival of a new year focused me when I got up yesterday. I have serious medical issues, and now that we’re here in 2023, time isn’t as long as it used to be.

Some people talk about their word(s) for a new year, but the new year has brought a different mindset — make every day count.

That is, I need to focus on three areas each day:

  1. Helping my clients and other people succeed
  2. Grow my business a little each day
  3. My health and ongoing education

If I haven’t done something positive in each area, then I haven’t had a good day and I’ll try to do better the next day. I’ve fallen short in all three areas, but especially with #2.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius includes a reminder about memento moriIt’s going to take a lot of effort to stay focused on this, at least to start. I hope I’ll be able to get to this level of effort without using it as an excuse to work too hard and cause my body and brain to crash.

Start by Looking Back

Last week, I looked back on 2022 when I wrote my customary year-end letter and sent it family and friends. I’m always surprised by something I uncover in year-end letters, and in 2022 I realized that I not only wrote a lot, but I also read a lot of books last year:

I’m currently reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, who was a second-century Roman emperor. That’s a short book that I’ll return to when I need reminders and motivation. My reading goal for 2023 is to finish reading The Complete Works of William Shakespeare that I bought 20 years ago.

Time to Move

My overall goal for 2023 is not to let time pressure me. I find that when I don’t focus on getting things done as quickly as possible, I get more done in less time. (That doesn’t mean I won’t be on time for meetings, though.)

January will go by fast — I have five medical appointments (and likely six) this month, I’ll edit two books, and I’ll work with a longtime client to build his new website. I expect to be somewhat gobsmacked when I suddenly find myself in February.

For now, Happy New Year. I hope you and yours had a happy and healthy holiday season, and I hope you’ll make every day count in 2023. Memento mori.