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Password protection is a big deal with the recent LastPass data breach that has prompted media outlets to tell readers to find alternatives. And it’s 2023 now, so it’s a good time to visit what you’re doing with passwords and protecting yourself online in the new year.

Lock on laptop keyboard with swirly lights that illustrates the need for password protectionEnter Carrie at, who has graciously offered to share five protection articles from their partners at with me. So, here are five questions to ask yourself and the five related articles that can help you:

Do you use Netflix?

Are you using your password manager the wrong way?

Do you have strong passwords?

Do you know if you’re being phished?

Do you use two-factor authentication?

Carrie also gave me a list of recommended password protection apps. After we talked about it, we decided not to publish it while the list is being revised in light of the LastPass breach. When Carrie has a new article that recommends password protection apps, I’ll share the article with you straight away.

Full disclosure: I use the password protection software included with Norton 360. It’s okay. It’s not great. But I don’t have a reason to switch…so far.

I hope you’re having a Happy New Year and that your 2023 is going well so far. Keep your password protection strong and your data safe.