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I’m turning on the night lights for the BCG blog. It’s almost the end of 2021 (went by fast, didn’t it?) and this is a good time to take a break.

I have several good reasons to do this. The most important is that blogs need care. You need to write posts on a regular schedule and write a lot of words in each post for search engines to notice. And you usually don’t get noticed by readers until at least one year has passed.

I advise people in my books about committing time. So, I don’t feel right not doing what I tell others to do. I would rather pull back and wait until I can do the job right. And, naturally, I need to focus on clients who pay my bills.

Busy As Usual

As of now, I have five different websites in development, I’m writing two books (with maybe a third on the way), and like you, I’m dealing with the holidays. Even though the holiday season is quiet here, I still have to buy gifts. I’m selling some things, including furniture. I’m getting ready for a new office setup and a new computing platform in 2022.

And I’m doing all this as I plan to work on upgrading the Amador Business Ticker. This business news website will have new community features next year. Sometime.

Photo by ALELLI PENOL on UnsplashSomething has to give. But wait…

There’s More

I need to get through some medical issues in early 2022, too.

On December 11, I fell backward while moving a hand truck up some stairs onto the back deck of my house and landed on my back. I’m surprised that I didn’t land on my head, only had a couple of scrapes, and had no pain from the fall. (Hooray for leather jackets.) I could have gone to the hospital. So, I learned that I can no longer manage big physical jobs.

My body has more trouble regulating temperature now. Soon I’ll hear when I’ll have an MRI exam at the University of California, Davis Medical Center to see if the cause is brain stem damage.

Early in December, my cardiologist told me a recent 15-day monitoring test showed that I may need a pacemaker. On January 3, I’ll get an implant that will monitor me for the long term.

A few days later, I’ll go to Stanford Medical Center for surface EMG and EEG. I hope that will expose what is causing my shaking and dystonia.

All that excitement will zap my energy. Something has to give.

You Can Still Find Me

So, that’s why I’m zapping the BCG blog. For now. I’ll keep the blog online so you can read my older posts. And I may return with an update that will be too long for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Okay, so it’s not a zap. It’s more like turning on the night lights that are colorful and enjoyable, I hope.

Speaking of Facebook and LinkedIn, I still plan to update those profiles. I can handle smaller updates from time to time. Here are the links to the BCG Facebook and LinkedIn pages for you.

In the meantime, I’ll keep working and taking care of myself. I hope you are, too.

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