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I received some rather bad health news recently, which reminded me to make a positive choice.

I suffer from migraines. What’s more, I’ve been dealing with serious conditions that those migraines started and have kept going. Recent tests confirmed that I have brain damage from three traumatic head injuries I received when I was a child. So, the migraines are exacerbating the conditions caused by the damage.

For years, I didn’t know what the problem was, so it’s good to have a concrete diagnosis even though the news isn’t good. Even though there seems to be darkness all around, I haven’t lost my ability to think or choose.

I choose to note the clouds in the distance, but also enjoy the blue sky. (Just like the photo I took from the street above my house in May 2019.) As a result, I have clarity about what I need to do to keep my symptoms under control and what to do to prepare for my future.

Make a positive choice and look for the light even as darkness looms

I’m not dwelling on what I don’t have but how fortunate I am to have what I need to be useful to others every day.

Nor am I getting emotional over my situation. Instead, I’m actively taking steps to calm myself down and think through anxious situations so they produce positive outcomes. The results are less stress and a happier outlook.

I’m talking with professionals to make sure I’m not a burden whenever things get worse. I also thought up an exciting new business initiative that I think will help keep Amador County businesses informed.

And I’m not only optimistic enough to start development on that new initiative, but I also a minor surgical procedure done recently. It wasn’t necessary, but I’ll benefit from the procedure for years to come…because I think I still have years to be useful.

I hope my story reminds you that when life gets stressful, no matter how bad it seems, you can make a positive choice.

Choosing to look for the light can lead to all sorts of exciting possibilities.