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This blog is about delivering valuable information about WordPress, web development, and online marketing for you.

This blog will also talk about BCG news, of course. I’ll also share stories about my observations and life so you know I’m a real human being.

What’s more, I have a number of business books on my shelf that I’ve purchased over the years. If you’re looking to buy or check out business books, I’ll share what I learned from the books I have. By sharing my feedback, I hope I’ll help you decide what books will help your business succeed.

The Content Pyramid

Not long ago, I thought about keeping the length of these blog posts to 500 words. However, Mike Allton, the Blogging Brute and member of 360 Marketing Squad, had a good point: quality of information is more important than an arbitrary word count.

So, to keep the quality of this blog to the high levels both you and I expect, I’m building a series of blog posts around different topics using Mike’s Content Pyramid shown below.

About how to create effective blog posts using The Content Pyramid

The Content Pyramid for constructing blog posts reproduced with permission of Mike Allton of The Blogging Brute

This pyramid contains one top-level page that focuses on one keyword, three supporting pages, and then three blog posts for topics. It’s designed to make you think about topics that will be of interest to readers as well as to Google.

On the Drawing Board

As this blog grows, I may have guest posts from my partners from time to time. My partners work in a variety of fields:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing and social media strategy creation
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Web hosting services
  • Writing for the web
  • Photography and video production

What’s more, you may also see guest posts from people I find interesting and you may find interesting, too. I won’t offer vlogs or podcasts right now because I’m figuring out how to get around my medical challenges, which I’ll tell you about in a future post. I’m already working on ideas for video tutorials and a YouTube channel.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to building our story together, learning from each other, and making the most out of our businesses and our lives. Please comment and let me know what you think — and what you’d like to see that you’re not getting anywhere else.


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