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Bring us your problems is the title of a blog post written by Seth Godin six years ago. I discovered this post as I was cleaning out my Google Chrome bookmarks as part of this year’s spring cleaning. The article seems timely right now.

Godin’s post refers to a newspaper add for Jowett Cars, an English auto company that existed from 1906 to 1954. Though the ad is undated, from the text it was produced after World War II.

Bring us your problems says the add from Jowett Cars Limited

Companies Are Eager to Solve Problems

The ad asks people to send them their problem (cars). Godin notes that saying “bring us your problems” touches on a customer pain point. That is, customers are always very aware of their problems. If you invite them to bring their problems, they may just do that.

Then you have to deliver. If you can solve problems customers feel are urgent, Godin asserts the world will beat a path to your door.

Will that work? As part of my spring cleaning, I revamped the BCG website’s text. I added the text “bring us your problems.”

I’ll do that in my advertising, too. People certainly have problems, especially when it comes to getting their businesses online. Will it work? I’ll find out and I’ll share my results.

Be Careful

Saying “bring us your problems” didn’t save Jowett Cars in the end. The company couldn’t adapt to changing post-war conditions. Their leadership fell victim to poor planning and too much confidence.

So, you have to have a system in place to guide your customers properly. They may see an urgent problem when it’s not.

Your system also needs to tell you when your business is full. Trying to do ten jobs yesterday only creates problems.

Instead, help people find another company that’s a good fit for their needs.¬†Solving problems may mean another company gets the customer’s business.

But the customer will remember you.

Eric Butow is owner of Butow Communications Group in Jackson, California. Feel free to leave a comment about this article below.