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Structuring a successful blog and creating a content marketing strategy takes a lot of work.

I wrote a post on March 14 about using The Content Pyramid by Mike Allton as the basis for building a successful blog. The content pyramid shows each topic requires 13 posts. Mike recommends that each post contain at least 750 words.

Structuring a successful blog using The Content Pyramid

The Content Pyramid for constructing blog posts reproduced with permission of Mike Allton of The Blogging Brute


If each page and post contains an average of 750 words, the math shows you must write 9,750 words for one topic. I plan to write three topics:

  • Creating a Website
  • Promoting Your Business
  • Growing Your Business

Multiply 9,750 by 3 and you get 29,250 words. So, if you want to use this system, now you know why it takes a lot of work. You can write all these words if you take the right approach.

Start by writing the top-level page and then write an outline for the supporting pages and blog posts. Mike recommends using a five-paragraph approach: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and then the concluding paragraph. Read Mike’s entire article to learn more about structuring a successful blog and how to make writing your blog easier.

In April and May, I wrote all three topics and outlines and then sent one of them to Mike for his review. He approved enthusiastically and reminded me that all topic posts must feature the targeted keyword phrase prominently and frequently. When my customers search for the keyword phrase on Google then my blog topics have a better chance of landing on the first page. My goal is to have clients set up meetings with me because they’ll click on the website link from the blog post.

I’ll start writing my three topics next month after I finish writing Programming Interviews for Dummies¬†for publication this fall. Watch this space.