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Growing our businesses and
our stories one day at a time

Growing our businesses and our stories one day at a time


Building our businesses and our stories
one day at a time

Search tips from friends

Search tips from friends and partners are the best tips. Here are three they've sent me in the past couple of weeks that I want to share with you. AnswerThePublic My partner Corey Walker at The Marketing Specialist tipped me off to the AnswerThePublic, a website that...

When to post on social media

When to post on social media is a popular question on social media sites. Right now, I don't pay much attention to the best times because I post when I have something to say. But I know that is going to change someday. The same is true for my clients, and I know...

Know your boundaries

If you know your boundaries before you enter negotiations with someone, you’ll sleep better at night. Last year, I worked with a subcontractor who damaged my business. I dropped him when my client was unhappy with the work. Earlier this year, I explored buying an ice...

Write out your terms

Write out your terms in a negotiation. You can take your time and understand what you want. When you're ready, you can send it to the other party. I wrote the following message in Word to the business broker for an ice cream and candy shop in Jackson, California. My...

Wear your brand

Wear your brand if you want to get noticed. That saying seems trite, but a recent encounter reinforced its value to me. I was sitting at a table outside Mendocino Farms in Sacramento waiting for my lunch and my subcontractor. As I checked my phone, I heard a voice:...

Finding better noise

Tuning out distractions is hard. Television and the web distract us easily. It's easy to turn off the television but I work on a computer most of the day, so I find myself visiting social media websites often without thinking about it. I walk around my neighborhood...

Leaving blurbs

Leaving blurbs is one way to connect with your clients. What, you may ask, are blurbs? I define blurbs as little pieces of information about me and my business so my clients know me better. I didn't know how to do that at first. My website is set up using the...

I’m officially vaccinated

I'm officially vaccinated. That is, as of May 4 I exited the two-week vaccine growth period and now I'm protected against COVID-19. As someone who gets a lot of shots, getting shots for COVID-19 was just one more thing. The process also went about as smoothly as I...

About Eric Butow

Eric is the owner of Butow Communications Group (BCG) in Jackson, California, which offers online marketing ROI improvement services for businesses. Eric has authored or co-authored 43 books and has also developed and taught networking, computing, and usability courses for Ed2Go, Virtual Training Company, California State University, Sacramento, and Udemy.

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