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There are plenty of resources available when you want to change the fonts on your website. A while back, I said that fonts are like house paint. It makes you feel better and tells others more about you. One good reason to give a part or all of your home a fresh coat of paint is the start of a new year.

I wanted to update my logo text for 2023. I used a font called Arquitecta for the BCG text in the logo for the past three years, but it was getting stale. I use Adobe Fonts on my site and client websites. After all, I use the Adobe Creative Suite for my creative work. So, I went on the Adobe Fonts website to see what they had to offer.

The new BCG logo for 2023 sports the Gibson Medium font from Adobe FontsI decided on the Gibson Medium font, which I think is stronger than the previous text. The curve of the G also stops near the bottom and then goes straight up.

That’s another message I want to convey: strength and upward movement. I want clients to know that building a strong online presence is vital in 2023 and that BCG can help them grow their businesses.

Did I succeed? Please let me know in the comments or e-mail me.

Lessons Learned

Updating your logo can lead to other discoveries. For example, when I added the new logo to my website, I found all the fonts on the blog were broken thanks to WordPress updates.

This serves as a reminder to both of us to check our websites often and make sure it’s still working the way you want. What’s more, if you update your logo, be sure you update your social media profile photos, profile banners, and your e-mail signatures if any of them include your logo.

Hosting Resources for Your Research

Late last month, Carrie Smith at e-mailed me and asked if I would include their resources about hosting websites. I checked them out and found they’re important resources. If you’re thinking about changing your web hosting service in 2023, do your research by reading these articles:

Thanks for sharing this with me and our readers, Carrie! By the way, BCG also offers hosting services with our longtime, trusted partner PR Services. E-mail me to get more information.

Have a prosperous November and a happy and safe Thanksgiving for all of you in the U.S. Thanks for reading, and I’m thankful for you and all the good work you do. I’ll have more social media tips for 2023 as we start December.