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Five things to know is a common article title, especially at the beginning of a new month. It’s still September 1 as I write this, so let me share some interesting blurbs I’ve found recently.

Step Up

A June article in Forbes magazine by Dawson Whitfield, the CEO of Looka, told businesses that simply having a website is not enough. I’ve seen people just put websites up and leave them there. Whitfield makes the point that more people shop and browse online now and that won’t change. Since Forbes published the article, many people are still home because of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Whitfield noted that people need to create a complete web experience. What do you think?

Trends or Empty Talk?

Nine months ago, Webflow published their 2021 web design trends. For example, the site predicted the use of retro fonts, colorless design, and cartoon illustrations. As with any other predictions or trends, some things come true and some don’t. What have you seen?

Wix: Dirty Tricks?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on UnsplashI’ve seen plenty of Facebook ads for Wix, the do-it-yourself website creation service. If you want to export your website at any time, blogger Matt Mullenweg says you can’t. He compares the Wix approach to an abusive relationship. Mullenweg surmises that may be one reason why Squarespace is now more popular than Wix. Have you had experience with Wix?

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is killing their Stories feature. Did you know there was a Stories feature? Me neither. I’m still waiting for their promised user interface upgrades.

And apparently, LinkedIn is the platform everyone hates. Mashable says so. Do you hate LinkedIn?

Get Ready

The southwest corner of the Caldor Fire is about 25 miles northeast of my house. I live in an area with high fire danger, and in August air quality was mostly terrible. Tonight I received e-mail messages from a colleague in New York City who reported on flash flooding around her building, but she’s high up on the eighth floor. You or I may face a disaster tomorrow, so what have you done to get ready?

That’s five things to know for September, and it’s a good way for me to share interesting stuff and ask what you think. Leave a comment. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, have a prosperous September, and may you breathe easy!

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