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Leaving blurbs is one way to connect with your clients. What, you may ask, are blurbs?

I define blurbs as little pieces of information about me and my business so my clients know me better. I didn’t know how to do that at first.

My website is set up using the StoryBrand template with a few tweaks. The website doesn’t include much about me, and it shouldn’t. The website needs to talk about the customer’s problems and how I can help solve them.

Lights On

What to do? I started thinking about how I could tell customers that I’m a real person. That I have interesting stories to tell. But I needed to tell them in snippets.

That’s when I thought about my customer download documents.

An example of a blurb in a document

In 2020, I was a student in the Profitable Project Plan (PPP) course produced by Bourn Creative. That course includes a lot of documents for customers to download and read to learn about building their website. The kicker is that you can put these documents into your own format and brand, and then give them to your customers. I give those documents to clients in PDF format as I go through the creation process with them.

As part of growing my business, I try to work on business stuff at least for one hour every day. Right now, I’m working on putting the original PPP customer download documents into my own format in Adobe InDesign.

Small to Large

I like putting text into two columns. One of the columns is smaller than the other with the large column holding the text. I find that it’s easier for people to read a document with that column setup.

But I didn’t want the small column to be completely blank. So, I thought about ways I could add just enough text to stand out but not distract too much. That’s when I thought about adding blurbs, an example of which you see in the graphic above.

Some of them are about my own background. Other blurbs are about the company’s background. I even have some information about books I’ve written. I wrote six blurbs for each of the nine documents, but those may not be enough. I’ll keep working on it.

Leaving blurbs is a tactic you may want to try with your company. What did you do in the past, or you’re doing now, that you think will help you make a human connection with your clients?

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