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New fonts are like house paint. House paint is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to change the feel of a room. A different font conveys a different message that your company wants to send.

It’s easy to find free fonts on the web. You can also purchase individual fonts. In my case, I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. One hidden feature that comes with Creative Cloud is access to Adobe Fonts. Within the Adobe Fonts website, you can find and download many more fonts than those offered by free sites.

I knew what I wanted:

  • The old sans serif fonts had pointy corners. I wanted the edges of those fonts to be softer.
  • The serif fonts were too industrial, and I wanted them to have a little flair.
  • The fonts need to have a circular vibe.

And, of course, the fonts have to be easy to read.

The Questa Project

Enter the Questa Project

The Questa Project is a collaboration between two prominent type designers. Four fonts comprise the Questa font family. Adobe Fonts has all four fonts, and as I searched Adobe’s website for new fonts, their database suggested the Questa font as one I should check. I did and I liked what I saw.

Most of it, anyway. I decided the Questa Slab font could be used for callout text like the Read More Articles link at the top of the page. And the Questa Grande font was just a weaker form of the regular Questa font. So, today you see the Questa and Questa Sans fonts on my website and in this blog. I hope you like them.

As when you paint a room, changing fonts isn’t as easy as it does at first glance. With paint, you may hang paintings in new places or rearrange the furniture, but with fonts, all the spacing and line breaks I had with all the old fonts…broke.

New fonts are like house paint in one other way: It also exposed problems with the website that I needed to fix. That just didn’t include the desktop website — I had to fix the tablet and mobile versions, too.

Thanks to the support team at Elegant Themes, my website is now working the way I want across all platforms. How is your website doing?

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