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Easy and cheap website design options abound if you have little (or no) budget. So, what’s the catch?

You’re right — there’s more than one. Let’s start with the basics first.

You may have seen or heard ads online promoting these web builder sites:

I’ve listed these sites because they’re most often listed on review websites as being good. Check out Google Web Designer, too, because it’s free and it’s Google. And don’t forget if you want to build a website or just a blog for free.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


Not sure how much time this will take? Consider this:

  • These sites make it easy to create a website from a pre-built template in minutes.
  • You may find the editor in the website builder you choose slows you down because it’s harder to use.
  • Do you want more features? Then you need to spend more time.


Cheap doesn’t mean you’re not spending any money.

  • Some of these web design sites don’t offer free options.
  • Web design sites that offer free service require your website to show ads.
  • Do you want more features? Then you need to spend more money.

How You Should Decide

Website builders are not created equal. The WebsiteToolTester site has a good (and deeper) comparison of 14 website builder sites.

The website builder you want also depends on what you need. For example…

  • Do you need just a blog? Consider WordPress or Google’s Blogger. Here’s a good side-by-side review of the two services.
  • Do you just want something fast and free? Check out Webnode, Weebly, and Wix.
  • Do you need more hand-holding, and you’re not afraid to spend money? Squarespace and Duda are places to start.

Easy and cheap design options are out there. Well, easier and cheaper, anyway. I hope this article helps you learn if one of these design options is right for you.

Eric Butow is the owner of Butow Communications Group and has designed websites since 1997. Please feel free to comment with questions and ideas to help make this series as useful as possible. Thanks!