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Amador Business Ticker is an Amador County business news website. It came about because of my mother.

When my mother and I go out to eat at local restaurants (and when there’s not a pandemic) around the Jackson area, she asks me what’s going on. I didn’t see much news in the local weekly newspaper, so I decided to start Amador Business Ticker to answer my questions, too.

My writing experience is much more on the technical side. I’ve written over 30 computer books since 2000. My past experience also includes technical writing for companies large and small.

I also edited a couple of computing magazines for several years. And I’ve lived in Jackson for ten years, so I know the area pretty well now. I think I can do this.

What It’s All About

The Amador Business Ticker focuses on Jackson and Martell for now. There are five sections:

  • News and feature stories
  • Business resource links
  • Real Estate news
  • Reviews of food from local restaurants
  • Editor’s notes

To start with, I’ll publish feature stories and food reviews on Mondays, as well as news stories as they break. As the website grows, I’ll cover more areas and topics.

The Amador Business Ticker home page

Building Carefully

I had to think ahead to set this up. I decided early on that I didn’t want to give up the web development side of my business. Indeed, I’m working hard to build it up this year.

I also had to write some articles that I could use as I got started. A lot of those articles are food reviews. I also interviewed business owners so I could write a pair of feature articles and get the Ticker off to a good start.

Finally, I had to think about what I want to do with the Ticker. I want to have advertising at some point to help pay my bills and maybe add staff in the future. My end goal is to be just a manager. For now, I’m enjoying getting to find out what’s happening and answering questions for me, my mother, and Amador County.

You can read more on the Amador Business Ticker website. Please leave a comment about it if you’re so inclined. I want your feedback so I can make Amador Business Ticker better.

Eric Butow is owner of Butow Communications Group and editor of the Amador Business Ticker.