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Drinking from the firehose was the perfect meme that described last week for me. 

Social media and business consulting companies decided that last week was the time to share a bunch of free stuff. Those companies included:

Like a Sponge

Now I have to dry off after drinking from the firehose and digest all this good stuff.  As I write this on February 23, 2020, two things are already clear to me. First, I got something out of all this stuff. And there were some conflicting messages. For example, one speaker said to be transparent and talk about yourself. Another said talking about yourself is like talking to your belly button.

In this case, I already figured out that my current approach is working. That is, my blog post themes are split between personal stuff and social media. I hope you like the balance, and please feel free to leave a comment after you read this post.

Food into Energy

But that’s not all. I joined a local online marketing group and the Profitable Project Plan course. Whew.

As after a big feast, I won’t take in much new information for a while. I need to reconcile this information and put all of it into a notes app. I’ll try some different apps to see which one works best for me.

March is coming next week, so it’s time to put what I learned into action. To do that, I’ll deviate from my Monday posting schedule and post my core blog articles throughout the month. More soon.