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Money and health may evoke images of bills you have to pay. Or financial hardships. Or stories like A Christmas Carol.

Being a small kid, I’ve always been suspicious of power. I noticed early on that people who were considered rich behaved differently than people in the middle-class neighborhoods I grew up in. And depictions in the media reinforced this perception.

So, my approach to money can be considered unhealthy. My health has kept me back, of course, but now I realize that I used this as an excuse to not build up a financial floor. I left myself prone to the cycles of “feast or famine” that comes with running a home business.

I thought that more money would only bring more stress. That may be true, but not having money is far more stressful.

A Clear Focus

I need to change that now that I’m 50 years old, and realizing I’m older is a good motivator. So, I have three clear goals:

  1. Create a steady stream of income so I don’t have to worry about paying monthly expenses and enjoying perks like Starbucks.
  2. Pay back my outstanding debts so I can save more and start investing.
  3. Make enough money to pay taxes and get the best medical insurance available.

Three is a Good Number

To do this, I need to take small steps with an eye on building diverse revenue streams. I’m sticking with three strategies to get those streams running:

  • Build up my existing website business by working with subcontractors so I can spend more time marketing.
  • Create a new media division to help my community and build brand awareness.
  • Realize other opportunities to work with family to sell good stuff like knitted wear and baked goods.

There. Writing “out loud” not only makes me feel better about my money and health, but I feel more focused, too. I may never be Rich Uncle Pennybags, but now I know what to do to be a more comfortable and less stressed me.