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Installing business strategies isn’t the way you may think of building your business. Sports teams use the term “installation” when they’re implementing a game plan. To me, implementing business strategies feels like installing operating system updates. That is, the process involves many steps and feels like it takes too long.

Start with an Outline

I’ve taken part in several business courses, including the Think Big Program. I’ve also talked about incorporating strategies from The Blogging Brute. Now it’s time to list all my resources and what I’ll do with them:

  • The Blogging Brute resources for growing my blog, of course.
  • The Think Big Program to do three things:
    • Maintain a financial management spreadsheet so I know that I’m spending wisely.
    • Build a strong channel partner network to drive business.
    • Create an ecosystem with similar businesses to drive even more business.
  • StoryBrand to do three things:
    • Tell the BCG story as clearly as possible.
    • Create effective e-mail marketing as part of a sales funnel.
    • Help my clients tell their stories.
  • The ONE Thing to keep track of my professional and personal goals for the year.

Installing business strategies is a must to get to the next level

Keep Reasonable Goals

So, now it’s time for me to integrate all these parts into a coherent strategy (I hope). All this knowledge means nothing if I don’t execute.

What’s more, these parts don’t include the books I have, and soon I’ll post short reviews of all of them here at Building Our Story.

In the meantime, I’ll write updates as I climb the ladders and grow my business. I want to see where I am at the beginning of 2022. That will give me enough time to install my game plan and manage my health properly.

As I’m installing business strategies to help Butow Communications Group, I hope sharing this helps inspire you as 2020 kicks into high gear.