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Finding trends to write about is vital to getting more eyeballs to your blog.

And I’ve been blogging wrong. So says the blogging expert, Mike Allton of The Blogging Brute.

I’m a Bad Blogger

I don’t research trends and write about them. Instead, I write about what I want and then use Yoast SEO on WordPress to find out if my keywords are SEO-worthy.

I downloaded Mike’s Ultimate Blogging Guide so I’m installing that into my business. I’m also using Google Trends to find what people are talking about.

Finding trends to write about is one use of Google Trends.

For example, in the screenshot above I searched for trends. The chart shows that word rates highly, so I’m confident search engines can find this post. Yoast SEO agrees.

You Have Options

However, you may not want to use Google Trends exclusively or just use different sources. There are several alternatives you can try.

I searched on Google and found lists of competitors you can check out. I found two competitors on the Product Hunt website and three more on the TrustRadius website. Here are five websites you should check out:

  • Conductor, which lets you type search terms on its home page. Then you can see how many people search for those terms every month.
  • Exploding Topics, which shows you hot topics in your choice of category and time period.
  • Glimpse, which tracks trends by company, product, and/or industry. You can also sign up for their monthly trends e-mail newsletter for free.
  • SEMrush, which has a wide range of analytics features as part of its toolkit.
  • Yoast, which is a leading SEO solution for the WordPress content management system.

Please note that sites from the TrustRadius list are those that received both the most reviews and the highest aggregated ratings.

I hope this helps you when you’re finding trends to write about and grab more eyeballs.