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Are taglines relevant anymore? I wonder about that as I focus on my business now that I have fewer distractions. One task that’s almost finished is trademarking my business name, logo, and my Amador County business news website name.

I trademarked my logo because it’s authentic. The logo not only reflects me and my family, it reflects my guiding principles. It also brings questions — and conversations — because people aren’t quite sure what the logo means.

I chose not to trademark the tagline I’ve used for years: One source. No boundaries.

I thought about keeping the tagline, but I noticed many companies don’t use them. I also felt my tagline was straight from the 1990s. Remember the Microsoft tagline, “Where do you want to go today?” That tagline is 25 years old and I still have some Post-It notes with that tagline I got in the ’90s. (That shows how often I use Post-It notes.) My tagline was almost as old.

Are taglines relevant anymore? This Microsoft tagline was introduced in 1994

I also watched a video from Donald Miller at StoryBrand. He said taglines are still relevant but writing one is about creating a tagline that makes you money. That is, one that clearly says what you do.

That tagline doesn’t tell you anything about what I do. All it did was tell people that I was one resource, but not for what.

So, at the bottom of this screen you see my new tagline. It’s simple and straightforward. What do you think?