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Choosing the right path is a common theme among influencers in my social media feeds.

You must make more money or cut back on your expenses. Listen to yourself, but act like who you want to become. You have to relax more but you have to do more right now. And let’s not forget quantum theory.

As I look at the whiteboard in my home office, I realize the core concepts of what I learned this summer:

  1. I always have choices, and there is no way for me to know which choice is the right one.
  2. When I reach the trite fork in the road I must stop, look around, and think.
  3. Time is a variable when choosing the right path.
  4. I cannot ignore reality.
  5. I make mistakes and I can’t beat myself over them because of point 1.

Choosing the right path may require erasing some tasks

My whiteboard summarizes what I can and can’t do effectively.. For example, I finished mailing a fall marketing piece that re-used old marketing pieces, but I couldn’t do that until recently. (I’ll talk about that in my next post.) Some tasks, like producing video testimonials, have to wait until the logistics and bank account say I can do them. Reality says I can’t do other tasks such as produce podcasts and a vlog.

In the past, I put due dates on the whiteboard to push me to finish tasks. Now I realize that straight path strategy only works for specific jobs like book contracts that have specific deadlines. I need to show business tasks differently because the path to completing them is like a board game.

I choose to erase the whiteboard and start over.