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Use energy wisely. That’s the moral of the story I got when I read my previous post a few days after I wrote it. (I didn’t mean it as the opening salvo of a Sad Off.)  By energy, I mean the energy you use both physically and mentally.

Using energy wisely helps you be as useful as possible

Part of using energy wisely is thinking positively. In my case, Botox gives me many more not-so-bad days and my medical team is making progress.

I also use energy wisely by using technology. I use instant messaging apps such as Skype or Zoom to type messages. Viewers can still talk and see me through my webcam. And I use email whenever I can.

Recently I realized that even with technology, I wasn’t doing enough to use my energy wisely.

Reducing the Negative

I decided to reduce some activities that waste time and cause stress:

  • My TV time. I stopped watching the talking heads on news shows months ago. Now I watch local news for a half hour each day and briefly watch CNBC for financial news on weekdays.
  • Most social media notifications. I receive very few notifications on my iPhone, iPad, laptop, and desktop computer. Fewer notifications lead to fewer distractions.
  • My time on favorite websites. I set rules to look at my favorite sites, including social networks, during certain times of day. My brain training continues.
  • Outward frustration. I get stressed like everyone else, but whisper-yelling at someone only makes them mad. Whisper-yelling at computer screens or inanimate objects is easy to do — and it’s silly. Either way, when I allow myself to become stressed I pay for it dearly with headaches and body pain.

Maintaining the Positive

I’m also keeping positive behaviors, including:

  • Keeping clean. I clean my part of the house weekly. I also keep my office clean so I can find things easily and reduce stress.
  • Getting away from the computer. Like everyone else, I need time to do other things. Daycare kids keep me centered and get me outside (if it’s not too hot), though I have to wear earplugs at times. I also spend some time reading actual printed books (and the occasional e-book).
  • Staying physical. Cleaning and playing with the daycare kids keeps my muscles in shape, which is especially important when you’re underweight. Sometimes I even walk around my hilly neighborhood, and I couldn’t do that if I was sedentary most of the time.
  • Writing. I need to write out my thoughts and experiences so they don’t fester in my brain. So, I create “personal log” Word documents for each year and add to the current year’s log often.

I have several projects to do in August and September, so I’ll know soon if my behavior changes make me more productive.

In the meantime, everyone has a different definition of the word “wisely”, so how do you use your energy? Please comment because I want to learn from you.