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Every Saturday I’m moving around doing my chores. I clean my part of the house and I also do my laundry. And I do most of my thinking every Saturday.

Steve Jobs said that he got his creative juices flowing by walking. I walk sometimes, but walking in my neighborhood is strenuous because I live in the Sierra foothills. So, I listen to my body and make sure I feel okay before I go. I also check the weather because temperatures may be too hot (especially now) or too cold. When it’s nice enough to go outside and walk, I don’t think about my business. I take photos instead and share them on my social media profiles.

But I have to clean every weekend. I like keeping my bedroom, bathroom, and home office clean. I also need to wear clean clothes. For me, cleaning is a mindless activity and so I think about my business and what I need to do. Then I update the whiteboard in my home office at least once.

Moving around gets me working on my whiteboard

I use a whiteboard because I need to change and add information easily. I also add new jobs when they come. The whiteboard keeps all my job information in one place. Most importantly, I see the whiteboard every time I move around in my office chair and when I leave my office. The whiteboard reminds me.

I write notes on a pad of paper in front of the monitor on my desk. I write appointments in Google Calendar. But I keep information about jobs and business tasks on the whiteboard.

The advent of July and the third quarter kept me thinking this past Saturday. I think the whiteboard has too much white space.

Before I get the whiteboard marker, I need to firm up my plans for the next adventure. I need to do some more moving around.