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The new Butow Communications Group blog has one core mission: Clarifying our message…and yours.

I’ve never written a blog for Butow Communications Group (BCG) before. I wrote a personal blog in the 2000s (or aughties if you prefer). Most recently I created a blog for that book Blogging to Drive Business, Second Edition that I co-authored with Rebecca Bollwitt in 2012. I ended the personal blog many moons ago, and the book blog is dead because Pearson Education, which publishes books under the Que imprint, won’t publish a third edition of the book. (The company may not be around for much longer, either.)

It’s past time that I start writing about BCG and what compelled me to create a new business website and blog for 2019.

In late 2017, I decided to build a new website and blog on the WordPress platform. I selected WordPress not only because it would be easier to integrate the blog with the website, but also because WordPress is the standard platform for website development. (WordPress itself says the platform powers 32% of all websites.) That meant I could integrate related components such as the MailChimp e-mail marketing platform to the website pretty easily. I could also get help from the large WordPress community.

At about the same time, I saw an ad for Donald Miller’s book Building a StoryBrand and checked it out on Amazon.

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller, a book for clarifying your message to customers

The focus on clarifying your message and reader reviews convinced me to purchase the book and read it in 2018. I read the chapter about developing a website several times. What’s more, I checked out video tutorials on the StoryBrand website where Miller shows what a great website looks like.

The BrandScript

So, I used Miller’s template to build the new BCG website that follows what Miller calls a BrandScript:

  • A character has a problem.
  • There’s a villain who’s keeping the customer from being stable, growing, and happy.
  • The character comes across a guide, who gives the character a plan.
  • Then the guide calls the character to action.
  • The action leads to success and helps the character avoid failure.

Your Story

With that template set, here’s your story:

  • You’re the character. The hero.
  • Your villain is the frustration knowing that you don’t have the knowledge and time to market your business effectively. It’s like trying to untangle a string of lights for any festive event.
  • BCG is your guide, and we work with you to create a plan by clarifying your online marketing and website messages to make your business more money.
  • We call you to action on our website by asking you to schedule a meeting with me.
  • The success is that your business is not only making more money but you also feel better about working in your business.
  • You’re a hero to your customers because you spend more time helping them.
  • And you avoid failure by avoiding missed opportunities, not to mention avoiding stress.

Now that you have an idea about what BCG offers, learn more about plans for this blog.


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